About This Girl...

Good Day!

My name is Shirley Zera. I am the owner, designer, builder and aspiring artist of This Girl's Workshop. Here are a few tidbits about This Girl...a.k.a...me!

I love all things creative from building/designing rustic furniture, refurbishing discarded treasures and graphic design -to- DIY crafting, painting and writing.

I am literally addicted to learning. I want to learn all the things, hence, how I decided on my business name...my entire house (and brain) is the "workshop"!

I have the most amazing husband that is also my best friend. He does everything in his power to allow me to be me, even giving up the entire garage with nary a complaint (and most of the house).

I am a mother to two unbelievable adult children that make me wonder what I did in this life to be lucky enough to be their mom and a grandmother to a little boy that makes me feel the purest joy I have ever felt in my entire existence.

I am also a "dog mom" to a pack of four long haired dachshunds. Animals were my first passion and are my forever passion in this life and the main reason I am who I am. They are the purest of souls and inspire me to be the best human I can be.

I am honest to a fault, but, I do believe the truth will set you free...and bonus...if you always tell the truth then you don't have to remember what you said. 

The most important thing for you to know is that this "little" business of mine is just...me. I am not a sales person, I am just "This Girl" that wants to share her thoughts and ideas, the products she loves and believes in and share any help or advice that I can offer.

You can contact me anytime at: askthisgirl@thisgirlsworkshop.com