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Wise Owl Paint?

Wise Owl paint is made from scratch!

Many furniture paints are made using box store latex paint with minerals added. This poses not only health issues with consideration to inhaling crystalline silicates, but it also affects performance. Paint made from scratch has the minerals and chalk added in the beginning are "part of the grind", so they are fully incorporated into the paint. This greatly increases the lifespan of the paint and ensures the minerals won't settle at the bottom of the can, affecting adhesion. You will also experience a much smoother self-leveling finish because of this.

Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint is zero VOC and Wise Owl One Hour Enamel paint is very low VOC. Volatile organic compounds are off-gassed into our environment and your home; compromising your health or the environment is not something we would ever consider.

Wise Owl Paint coverage is second to none. Pigments are expensive and most paint manufacturers skimp on the pigment which means you must add more coats for proper coverage. Most of the Wise Owl Paint shades cover in 1-2 coats This saves time, money, and promotes a smooth, even finish.

Wise Owl uses premium and safe ingredients and doesn't skimp on the cost of ingredients to increase their own profits. This simply means they will not compromise the safety or effectiveness of their formulas to cut their own costs.

Have you ever opened a can of paint and smelled that "new paint smell"? In water-based coatings, that "new paint smell" is generally ammonia, a chemical added as a preservative. Ammonia is used by many paint manufacturers because it's cheap and the alternatives that are much safer substitutes for paint preservatives cost up to 10x more. Wise Owl Paint does NOT use ammonia because it is a trigger for asthma and migraines. They chose an expensive but safe biocide to preserve and protect their products. You won't have to deal with smelly paint with Wise Owl.

Wise Owl Paint is also made in the USA and is a woman owned and run company. Wise Owl Paint stays very connected to both customers and retailers alike. Karen Chouinard, owner, is an Environmental Scientist and it's important to her that she truly "walk-the-walk" when it comes to innovating the safest products that will not negatively affect our environment. Wise Owl Paint remains very grassroots and plans to stay that way so that they can fully control quality and safety.

Wise Owl Paint is manufactured by a family owned paint company that has been in business for over 125 years and are experts in producing not only the most effective, but the greenest, products. All Wise Owl Paint products are innovated by science with the true North that they produce the safest and most effective paint, topcoats, and sealants.

Wise Owl Paint is committed to protecting the environment and reducing their carbon footprint and takes serious and deliberate action to reduce waste through manufacturing and shipping, but also sponsors project benefiting wildlife and the environment. Integrity is a huge part of their mission and it guides every part of their business from start to finish.

Wise Owl Paint products are created to solve problems that other paint and coatings present for painters. They are reinventing the wheel in a way that aims to only release products that outperform finishes currently on the marker. For example, Wise Owl Varnish was engineered with a crystal-clear resin; it is incapable of yellowing. Other water-based topcoats use urethane, a naturally amber colored resin. This resin is known to rear its ugly yellow head with exposure to sun and time. Wise Owl Varnish is industrial strength and its clear resin ensures it stays clear indefinitely.

Wise Owl Paint

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